Physical, technical, and mental preparation

People are often shocked when I tell them about my plans to bike home instead of just jumping on a plane. One of the first questions that usually comes up is, “How do you even train for that!?”

Being a PE teacher, I have a fairly good base level of fitness with a few triathlons here and there, but I am far from a professional athlete. The beauty is though, you don’t need to be one to complete a long distance bike tour such as this.

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Balancing comfort when packing

Packing for a bike tour is about finding the balance between being comfortable on the bike and comfortable off the bike. The more stuff you bring, the easier your life will be in camp or when visiting various cities along the way. The less weight you are carrying, the easier life will be on the bike as you are cycling between camps and cities. 

I went with option one and definitely overpacked!

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Five reasons why I decided to quit my job and cycle half way around the world

A quick introduction about this blog.

It is intended to be a way of documenting my journey primarily for my family, friends, students, and anyone else who may want to follow and see what misadventures I’m going to get myself into on my 10,000 mile cycle back home to Glasgow from Shanghai. It will also be nice to have everything documented so I can look back over it in the coming years.

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